Camille Kachani

With a background in photography, painting, economics, and history, Camille Kachani has a diverse artistic practice that spans a range of mediums. His projects are united by a common sense of ironic humor and an engagement with everyday life or the artist’s personal experiences. Kachani’s series, “Tomorrow Was Another Day,” (begun 2012) was based on his experience of Lebanon during its Civil War in the 1970s. Other works include a series of imaginary consumer products, false traffic signs installed in public spaces, and “Programa de Desobediência Civil” (2005), for which Kachani made variations on the U.S. dollar bill, featuring different cultural icons.

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Overthrone! Pooring Reign

OVERTHRONE! explores symbols of power and the control they have over our minds. We take symbols of power and deconstruct them by flipping them upside down, suggesting overthrowing the reigns of power. It is a subliminal call to action… Overthrow the powers of doubt and oppression in the mind so we, the individual, can let go of fear and take power back! 

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As the Italian capital of design gears up for the upcoming fashion week events, the Triennale di Milano museum is staging an unusual, altogether different fashion exhibition featuring garments of a different kind than those usually seen on the haute couture runways. Milan-based architect, designer and artist Alessandro Guerriero has been called in to curate this fashion-meets-conceptual-art show titled ‘Workwear’ (‘Abiti da Lavoro’ in Italian) – which, as its title suggests, showcases work uniforms and working clothes, albeit seen from a different angle. With conventional workwear as its starting point, the exhibition sets out to explore the wider concept of fashion as part of an individual’s actual identity and the idea that ‘what we wear defines who we are’.

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Ian Francis

The Outsiders London

Friday 5th of September 2014 to Saturday 4th of October 2014

Ian Francis will make a guest appearance at The Outsiders London this September with Endless Summer, a unique showcase of intimate studies encapsulating a collection of multiple narratives and disparate moments in time.


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Copylab - Chris Rellas combines Fashion and Art History perfectly. Follow his Instagram account. 

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